Illegal Art, founded in the summer of 2001, is a collective of artists whose goal is to create participatory-based public art to inspire self-reflection, thought and human connection. Each piece is presented or distributed in a method in which participation is simple and encouraged. 

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Illegal Art is:
Otis Kriegel / @otisnow
Michael McDevitt / @tralagelli

Our projects would be nothing without the countless volunteers, organizations and supporters. We thank all of them whole heartedly.


Tracy Naschek / 2018 
Tracy studies English at the University of Richmond. In addition to literature, she is interested in an array of arts such as creative writing, film and most recently public art. What is especially important to her is the intersection of the many mediums of art and social justice work. She holds a strong belief in the power of art to foster empathy between various groups of people and to act as a creative tool to advanced social and political agendas. She managed our IG account and helped do research for new projects.